The Story Behind Bilo

Part I

A few years back, two grown men with playful minds sat together and reflected on the evolution of toys. Lucas was about to become a father and Stephan's elder stepdaughter already had two toddlers, which made him a grandfather in some way. They were concerned about the dominant presence of phones and pads in the lives of children.
They both agreed that the time had come to revive the simple, yet genius building block and integrate it into the powerful world of mobile computing.

"What if you placed a block on a base and it would show up on screen?"

Immediately it became clear that the possible applications would be nearly infinite.
So the two took on a journey and made their idea come true. Along the way they got Erik and Urs on board and put together the necessary bits and pieces.

Today we hold Bilo in our hands and enjoy the satisfying feeling of achievement.
In some way we have accomplished our mission: to provide our children and grandchildren with a meaningful, entertaining, educational and engaging play system.

Yet the story does not end here.
Whenever somebody gets their hands on a Bilo set, they are immediately taken with the experience. And that's where part II starts.


The Story Behind Bilo

Part II

The overwhelming reactions made us reconsider our initial intentions, which was to provide the children in our families with something meaningful.  
We set out to develop Bilo just for the fun of 'making' something. Nothing more - nothing less. 
The thought that this could turn into a business and one day children around the globe would be playing Bilo was entertaining us in the back of our heads, but it hadn't been the focus of our mission.

Today we find ourselves coordinating production facilities, organizing assembly lines, managing stock levels and tracking orders and shipments.
Sometimes things turn out quite different than expected. But honestly: we are not really surprised.

After all, Bilo is an amazing play system that not only promises to be entertaining, educational and engaging, but actually delivers the promise! 




Bilo is made up of a multidisciplinary team, who has a proven track record of bringing complex products to reality.

Most importantly we are parents who are concerned with our children being absorbed with excessive  massive screen time.

We set out to create a device to excite and engage our children and aid in developing the important life  skills such as spatial and cognitive thinking.



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