What is the orgin of the Bilo name?

The Bilo name was created from the word

bilocation: The state of being or ability to be

in two places at the same time.


Where can I order a Bilo developer kit?

Right here on our site. 


What is needed to use Bilo?

A bluetooth connection to a device with a screen. 


Where do I find Bilo content?

Bilo apps can be found through your device app store.


Is Bilo compatible with other building blocks?

Yes with the use of an adapter. Of course the traditional

blocks will not show up in the digital world.


How does Bilo work?

Each block is equipped with a micro controller.

The blocks by themselves are passive

and do not need batteries, hence

no charging is required. Power is provided by our

build platform, which also manages all communication

between the blocks. The build platform is powered

by AA batteries and is connected to your chosen

device via Bluetooth.