Whats the origin of the Bilo name.

The Bilo name was created from the word bilocation: The state of being or ability to be in two places at the same time.

Where can I buy Bilo?

Right here on our site. 


Where do I find Bilo content?

Just visit www.bilo.online and log on.

What is needed to use Bilo?

A Bluetooth connection to a device with a screen. 

For more details take a look at the features.


How does Bilo work?

Each block is equipped with a micro controller. The blocks by themselves are passive and do not need batteries, hence no charging is required. Power is provided by our build platform, which also manages all communication between the blocks. The build platform is powered by 4 AA batteries and is connected to your chosen device via Bluetooth.

Can I create my own content?

Yes – the BiloBuilder app allows the user to create content; also Tangram allows for the players to build their own structures. These are just two examples. More will follow as we keep building new apps.

Do you have developer tools?

Yes! Visit github to get the tools needed to interface with bilo. https://github.com/AlexanderssonErik/api/

We are using Javascript API that is using babylon.js for 3D and Web Bluetooth for data transfer.